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Chaos can be quite positive – just not when it’s inside you. That’s why your body is always trying to re-establish order. It sends a few symptoms to let you and the whole team know, Hey, you can’t go on like this. If it’s your goal to reach a nice happy ending, you’d better listen.

It’s our job to interpret what the body is trying to say and to click every detail back where it belongs. You might think of it as “making peace” between body and soul.  

How does that work exactly? 

 By using the right methods. We didn’t invent any of them, but we did come up with something new: how to use and combine them. And that has such a spectacular effect we can hardly explain it. 

So we won’t even try. We’ll let others do it for us!

I work very hard to give so much to my clients, my family, my kids and it all gets too much. Working with Martina has made such a difference. I feel really good and happy. So much has changed for the better in my life and it’s all thanks to her!
– Kirsten

Dear Martina,

I wanted to share with everyone visiting your homepage my wonderful experiences with your different healing methods.

I am so so grateful having met you and Claus per coincidence... we call it coincidence when we do not want to mention the presence of god.  :)

You are offering such a beautiful healing work with lot's of awareness and clarity for your clients.

It truly helps me to go on with my own journey and be able to enjoy life. May lot's of people seeking help and guidance find you and start working with you.

Thanks for everything. So beautiful to know you and Claus are being part of my life now. All the best and much love to both of you for your fantstic work.

A big hug to you,

your friend Manuela Demmel

By: Jessica J, Flensburg, Deutschland

 I can hardly describe how I felt after our call. Feeling the feeling that you helped creating within myself.

It was nothing short but fascinating and it lasts since. It's so amazing, in a positive way, what you are able to move inside of me, a very special kind of  subtle charm.

You explained in a logic way all my syptoms and I know that I will live a joyful life again, even if it might take time.Thank you for being this amazing human being.

Lot's of love to you and have a positive weekend! A big hug to you

I have been working with Martina for several months now and highly recommend her to help you make changes in your life and help you with any healing you are in need of.  I woke up one morning with terrible pain in my neck, along the back of my head and the top of my shoulder.  I was unable to turn my head and suffering.  Martina used her magic that evening when I put out a request for help on social media.  The next morning I woke up with 90 % of the pain gone.  Throughout the day the pain dissipated all together.  I have had a flu bug and a cold bug and Martina quickly brought me relief.  I sometimes have problems with vertigo which causes extreme nausea and keeps me in bed, when I reached out for help Martina helped me immediately and brought me relief within minutes.  I am also working with her to heal the emotional turmoil I have with my deceased Mom.  I have felt my entire life that my Mom hated me and this caused me to make poor choices in my life.  After only the first session I felt I was able to forgive my Mom and felt a peace inside I had never had before.  I have been progressing toward ending a very unhealthy relationship and with her help, support and healings I have moved into my own place with my beloved cat, Frankie. 
 Frankie has not taken the move to well and when he went missing she tuned in to assure me he was safe and helped him feel safe to call out to me so I could locate him and assured him he was safe and it was ok for him to come out.
Martina has a huge heart, is very compassionate, shows great empathy and connects with me in a way no one has ever connected to me.  She has helped me in ways I’ve never been helped before and I am so grateful she responded during my time of need and that the universe brought us together.  I am so thankful for her help and her friendship.

Sue B

Martina is absolutely fantastic! Her approach is very mindful and she is extremely wise and intelligent. I live in the United States and she has helped me with mental, emotional and physical challenges. Because of her knowledge, mindfulness and wisdom, she knows how to hold space in so many ways! You can feel her work in ALL ways! Because she works remotely (in session and outside of session as well), you know that there is something more to Martina’s work. And her smile and care – there is something magical with the grace that she has. She really loves what she does and I love what she offers. Please take the time to connect with Martina. She is an amazing individual who truly cares about helping others find their healing. You will be very happy that you did!

- Robert Alexander, Audio Alchemist, LifeRhythms, 39, Ventura, CA, USA

How about this? Martina has helped me in so many ways! She supported me as I was trying to figure out how to help my cat in his end stages of life. A year later, she helped me know how best to serve and support my mother as she was preparing to transition (from lung cancer). Martina is sensitive and loving with all of her work and I really appreciate all she's done for me and my family!

Jennifer S. Phelps, USA

Martina's work with my young terrier has been invaluable. I saw results in my anxious dog's behavior almost immediately from the remote work she did directly with Gracie, but the most empowering aspect of her work for me were the insights she provided about what was going on and what Gracie needed to feel safe and loved. It provided me with the tools I needed to support my dog while adjusting both of our behavior to create an even happier home life and deeper bond between us. I have found a resource for life in Martina!

-Julianna (United States)

I’ve had great results with Martina Waidhas! Her abilities to heal from distance are amazing. She has worked on myself, my daughters and my dogs. We have seen terrific results, for all of us. Particularly with one of my daughters who was really struggling. Marina worked with her over a month long period. Each time they worked, my daughter got a little better. My daughter is now back to her self, and living joyfully! We are so grateful to Martina and her amazing abilities. Best regards,

Susan Mcculloch Energy Healer

I've gone back to Martina again and again. She's intuitively able to tap into the challenge with either me or my animals. She has a true gift and I'm so fortunate to have her on my team of healers to call on to live my best life. Sure,

Leigh Daniel, creator and CEO of Project Positive Change

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