An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'. There is truth in that but there is a truth that runs much deeper. If you’ve ever tried to lose weight or get healthier by choosing a specific diet, you’ll know they all have one thing in common. They limit you to a very narrow range of foods. Anything not on the list is banned. Vegetarians are only allowed fruit and vegetable and vegan’s choices are even more restricted. Then there’s the Paleo, Low Carb … all different and each claiming to be the ‘right way to eat’. Many people follow the latest ‘hip’ or ‘trendy’ diet in an attempt to become slimmer or healthier but here’s the thing. Nobody talks about the energy behind the function of eating.

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Your Mind Creates Your Life Results

Christine had been sick for over 30 years. She suffered from headaches, back pain, food intolerances, bladder issues which sometimes meant she needed the bathroom every 10 minutes, and fungus in her body and on her skin which caused her a lot of pain. She was also afraid of pretty much everything. I was excited to work with her as I saw lots of ways we could help her to get the results she had been searching for. After hearing her story, I put together a treatment plan and talked with her about it the next time we met.

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Your Magic Bank Account

I was scrolling my newsfeed the other day when an interesting post caught my attention and I decided to share it with you. The author of this analogy is unknown but the power of it is undisputed. Imagine that you won the following prize in a contest: Each morning your bank would deposit $86,400 in your personal account for your exclusive use. What would you do?

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The Frequency Of Your Life

We’ve all experienced times when it feels like our life is on repeat. You keep falling in love with the wrong person, in every job there’s a boss who treats you like a slave, those new friends you make keep betraying you and that migraine keeps showing up just when you have weekend plans! So what’s going on? Why do the same results show up over and over again? Well, firstly these apparently negative events have a much bigger impact on how you see the world than the positive ones. And secondly, and much more importantly there is a mechanism in place that is law. It works for each and every one of us whether we believe in it or not.

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What do you gain from holding on to pain or disease?

You might find this question upsetting but please keep reading as I’d like to share some insight that may allow you to finally release the pain or illness that’s hurting you so much. In the years I’ve been connecting with people, I’ve found similar reactions show up again and again. To begin with, I wondered if it was something I was doing that was creating these responses. People would choose not to work with me and their reasons were, ‘nothing has ever worked for me’ or ‘that can’t work for me’. But what if you were to open your mind to the possibility that there are other ways to heal your body? What if there are ways to improve your health that don’t cost a fortune or take years of treatment with no certain outcome?

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Don't Just Tell Me Your Story

Today I’d like to speak to all the people who are using ‘their story’ as a way of marketing on Facebook. I understand that every marketing guru tells you to share your story as a way of attracting your client or customer to you. But I’m seeing heart-breaking stories everywhere in my Facebook feed. People sharing disasters and dramas that they’ve experienced and how they come through the other side to finally create their dream life. A lot of these stories sound hollow. Some sound like a marketing spiel rather than a true life experience.

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Let Food Be Thy Medicine

There is something amazing that is available to you each and every day. Something that has the power to support and heal your body. Do you know what it is? It’s so simple … it’s food! Hippocrates knew this secret years ago and yet in our times of plenty, we have forgotten this simple truth. Food is the fuel for your body and the fuel for your life! I’d like to demonstrate this simple concept by sharing the story of a patient of mine.

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You Can Heal Your Relationship

Today I want to share with you something very private.
Imagine this. Two people, who are very different, managing a hugely stressful project, worrying about money, frustrated with lack of progress and living in less than comfortable circumstances … it’s pretty much a recipe for disaster.
Couples have divorced over less!

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