Martina Waidhas and Claus Kreuzpointner

Finding yourself
definitely makes for happiness!

The world has a whole lot of beautiful things in store. So why miss out on half of them? That’s not what we want, and that’s why. 

We – Martina Waidhas and Claus Kreuzpointner – know them inside and out: the dead ends of health. We no longer keep track of how often we’ve run into them over the decades. Only to find after the xth attempt at treatment: Nope, another failure!

We tried different paths, combined them. Analysed the results. Had to handle failures there too, but we never saw them as such. Quite the opposite: They brought us closer to our goal. And that’s where we are today!

To put it simply: we help people 

Click your fingers and the problem’s solved. Ok, it’s not quite as easy as that. It takes some patience, motivation on the part of the person concerned, and time. But above all it requires down-to-earth scientific facts combined with a holistic way of thinking. With this combination, miracles can happen. We admit that the word “miracle” is a bit of a cliché. It’s used so often – mostly incorrectly. But our clients often talk of something like that.

Together with our Shar-Pei, Lui (Chinese wrinkle dog), we lead a healthy, carefree, happy life – now in the land of our dreams, Croatia. And from the bottom of our hearts we wish you similar happiness, in line with your wishes and dreams.

You can find out more about us in our own personal story. One of our clients declared us to be heroes and wrote this story about us. 

Miracles are wonderful – let yours happen!

 ‘Here’s the problem,’ she complains desperately. But when the young lady rolls up the sleeve of her blouse, she sees nothing (any more), apart from her arm, which has always been there and is in its rightful place. The neuro-dermatitis is suddenly gone. ‘Er, where?’ asks Martina, relaxed. And she’s right. Things like that often happen with Martina and Claus. Someone has a physical or mental issue, and then it’s no longer there. There’s really no doubt that they are heroes. At least not in my mind.

On the one hand, there is conventional medicine, well-established teaching about how our body works, all the processes and so on. Doctors study for many years because it’s so complicated. And on the other hand, there are holistic processes, which, unfortunately, have no place in the conventional teaching plan. It’s a bit like a car without wheels. Something crucial is missing for the thing to be able to drive. That’s why there are holistic helpers and healers alongside conventional medical professionals. They know about various holistic topics, but only about one or the other, rarely about everything. And there’s not much chance of coming across sound scientific knowledge, which is where the problems start. Where are ill people supposed to go? To one camp rather than the other? It doesn’t matter because neither tells the whole story. That’s why getting healthy only either happens slowly or not at all.

Martina and Claus themselves were faced with this exact problem. If anyone knows what helplessness and illness feel like, then definitely those two do. They are doers; half measures are not their thing at all. And so the plan came into being: ‘We’ll create a system that brings both together, with no compromises!’ Many years of training and experience followed – in both areas and at great depth. They tried different paths, combined them, analysed the results. They had to handle failures, but they never saw them as such. Quite the opposite: failures brought them closer to their goal.

And that’s where they are today. To put it simply: they help people. read more

Our help for you:
colourful and varied

The world has a whole lot of beautiful things in store. So why miss out on half of them? That’s not what we want, and that's why we want to have a wide range of approaches to draw on. Science meets holistic thinking! That must be because we really love happy endings. And to find yours, we turn to a wide range of options from both areas. Individually tailored to your needs.

A selection of our training and experience

• Alternative practitioner training
• Hypnotherapy
• Intensive study of anatomy, physiology, pathology, the latest brain and cranial nerve research
• Using the right nutrition to avoid and treat illnesses
• Dietary supplements, alternative and natural medicines
• Yager code
• Reiki master
• Epigenetics and quantum healing
• NIS master level since 2013
• Energy psychology coaching
• Dorn spinal column and joint therapy
• Breuss massage therapy

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