Your body knows exactly how to take care of itself!


You can see this at work when you cut your finger and it heals.

Or when you break a bone and it mends.

Or when you get the flu and you bounce back in a short space of time.

Or when you hear amazing stories of recovery from the most horrific injuries.

Although we accept, and expect our body to repair itself in some ways, we doubt that it has the wisdom to heal itself in others.

It’s like, if we can’t see it working, then it’s not happening.

Your body can’t heal from cancer can it?

Your body can’t heal from invisible diseases such as fibromyalgia, arthritis or diabetes can it?

The answer is yes. Of course it can.

“If you listen to your body whisper, you won’t have to hear it scream”

Your body is designed to heal itself every single minute of every single day.

At a microscopic level, cells in your body are constantly being replaced.

Your body is a complex network of systems that are connected to each other. Each system has its own function to perform but nothing works in isolation. What affects one part of the body, affects the whole.

Everything is designed for perfect balance and monitored and maintained for maximum functionality.

As we go through life, the experiences we have and the choices we make interfere with of many of our body’s key natural processes. Things get out of balance, we don’t provide our bodies with the correct nourishment, and our thoughts and emotions alter our body’s electrical and chemical responses to such an extent that our health is impacted. Our bodies become toxic and no longer work the way they should.

It starts with little things:





Frequent headaches



Sleep Disorder/Insomnia

Repetitive Back Pain

Localised swelling



Weight Gain

Stomach Pain

Digestive Issues




Mood Swings

Low Energy

So we go to the doctor when we don’t feel right. We look for something to make us feel better without thinking about what might be causing our discomfort or lack of wellness in the first place. We treat the symptoms with pills and when we experience side effects, we take another pill to fix that too.

And for sure, this often provides relief in the moment.

But all of those pills have a chemical signature that affects your body.

Although in the short term the benefits look like a cure, there is something very different going on inside your body.

 If you can’t see it working, then it’s not happening.

This applies to damage as well as to healing. Your body is intelligent and is always monitoring and adapting to ensure maximum efficiency even when faced with damage or lack of nourishment. It will simply find another way to achieve the same thing until it is so overloaded that it starts to break down.

The symptoms you’re experiencing is your body’s way of letting you know that something is out of balance or needs attention.

Your body is communicating with you by demonstrating physically what is going on metaphysically.

Sound complicated?

At its core, everything is energy.

The symptoms your body is showing you is simply a mirror image of what your energy looks like in a physical reality.

Your body is reflecting back to you where there is a problem so you can support it to bring you back to health.

Ancient healers knew the secrets of the body.

They understood what each symptom is related to and how to easily and painlessly bring about healing and the restoring of health. But in our modern times we have no patience with symptoms. We simply want them to disappear in the shortest amount of time with the least disruption.

And’s that’s the problem. Instead of being grateful that our body mirrors that something is not working correctly, we supress the symptoms with drugs. We mask and hide the very information or symptoms that are so valuable in ensuring the quality of our lives. Cancer is one of those symptoms. It’s simply your body’s way of showing you that something in your life needs to change.

We don’t see the gift but instead see something that needs to be got rid of.

We reach for the quick fix and in doing so, we increase the load on an already stressed system.

The system that keeps us alive

But there is another way …

The TriUnity Way

TriUnity is a combination of three key areas of healing that when used together can ‘switch on’ your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Your body already knows what to do to heal itself but it cannot do so from a place of weakness or toxicity

And that’s where we come in …

We work to help and support your body so that it can return to full functioning and efficiency

Just like the ancient healers, we understand the secrets of the body. We understand what the symptoms you’re feeling are trying to tell you, where your body is stressed, what’s not working correctly and how to bring balance, harmony and health back to your life


To help you understand the idea of balance in your body let’s use the example of a high wire artist.

You’ve seen them right?

Those people who walk across a single strand of wire high above the ground.

When we walk on the ground our feet move beside each other giving us great stability and balance. But on the high wire, the artist must place one foot in front of the other on a narrow line. They must be acutely aware of every foot placement, every slight breeze, even their own breath as any change could cause them to tip.

Every hire wire artist uses either their outstretched arms or carries a pole to increase their stability and give them time to readjust if their balance moves from centre.

However, there is a point when neither their arms nor the pole are of any use.

When they reach a certain tipping point there is no longer anything they can do to prevent the fall that will inevitably end their life.

It’s the same with your body.

To be in perfect health your body must be in balance.

And balance ultimately comes from a strong (stable) foundation.

When that foundation is compromised it’s like walking on that hire wire with a pole. Your body will alert you in every way possible that something needs to be adjusted to maintain balance. Physical symptoms in your body are that alert system. It’s like an alarm going off somewhere to grab your attention.

Imbalance disrupts the flow of energy around your body and can:

  • impact digestion
  • hamper cell rejuvenation
  • inhibit or increase hormone production
  • restrict the release of necessary chemicals and flood the body with harmful ones
  • curb the assimilation of nutrients
  • impact skin condition
  • slow or prevent wound healing
  • disrupt the central nervous system
  • diminish the immune system
  • cause depression and anxiety

Bringing balance back to the body:

  • increases efficiency of core systems
  • aids in achieving a healthy weight
  • brings mental clarity
  • brightens skin
  • increase healing
  • improves digestion and nutrient assimilation
  • balances hormones
  • improves sleep quality
  • builds confidence and happiness
  • improves social connections
  • relieves symptoms of pain or allergies

Balance is therefore vital for health.

Balance brings peace, strength and centeredness 

Through our study of anatomy and physiology we understand how the human body works and can read your system to discover the cause of the symptoms you’re experiencing. Your symptoms are like a map; they show us where there is a problem so we can detox and bring balance and harmony back to your body.

But as everything in your body is interconnected, ReBalance on its own is not enough. You must also provide your body with the necessary building blocks for health.


Fuel provides the building blocks that allow your body to work tirelessly and continuously to support you. Without the correct fuel, your body will begin to shut down.

Think about your car for a moment.

For it to run efficiently, you need to fill the tank with the right kind of fuel, you need to top up the oil regularly and you need to put air in the tyres. What happens if you fail to do these things? I know someone who forgot to check the oil in his expensive car and the motor ceased up completely. There was no way to fix it and it had to go to the car graveyard.

It’s the same with your body.

You cannot go on indefinitely without being given the correct fuel

Slowly perhaps, but ultimately without the right kind of nourishment, you will begin to suffer pain and illness as your body struggles to maintain the vital systems that keep you alive.

Therefore the second part of TriUnity is to ReFuel the body

Each of us is unique and has different tastes and preferences. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all but take a holistic approach to food and nourishment that takes into account your uniqueness. We can test to discover the correct time of day for you to eat, the type of food that will best suit you and also determine what vitamins and minerals might be missing or depleted in your body.

Unfortunately, many of the nutrients that are necessary for wellness are no longer present in our soils. However, with the right kind of supplements, you can replace what is missing and provide the building blocks your body needs to heal itself. We work with you to create a plan to refuel your body in a way that brings vitality and health.

But there is one more absolutely vital step which is necessary for true health and wellbeing.


Your brain is the super computer that controls every aspect of your body

It is responsible for managing every bodily function, the absorption of nutrients, the release of hormones, chemical production, the central nervous system and much more. It manages your whole life including walking, talking and every daily task you are facing. Absolutely everything will be influenced when something is not working the way it should.

Although the two previous steps will have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing, your brain must also be ReMinded of its correct functioning. Without this step, it is likely that previous experiences and choices will continue to impact your life and health.

Your brain is constantly adapting to manage the systems of your body but there is core programming that is running in the background which is designed to keep you within the parameters you already know and understand – what’s commonly called your comfort zone.

Your current comfort zone is not delivering the results you want to see

And no matter how determined and motivated you are to alter your behaviour or your choices to take you where you want to go, your brain is equally determined to keep you exactly where you are. Its job is to keep delivering what is already known even when those results are painful for you.

Your brain is not your enemy.

It is always working in the way it was designed to.

To keep you safe. To keep you functioning. To keep the status quo.

Which is why this TriUnity step is so important

Remember the core programming we talked about above?

That core programming is driving your choices, it’s driving your behaviour and its driving your experiences.

If you want a different experience or a different result, you need to alter the programming

You need to create a new default setting that will support you to help your body to heal. ReMind is the process of resetting your mind to neutral.

It’s a bit like creating a new filing system. The things that will support you are stored in accessible files and the things that are no longer relevant or are keeping your from your best life are stored way in the back where they cannot interfere with your day to day functioning. Or they are released (wiped) all together.

ReMind will open blocked neural pathways, reorganise storage, trigger shut down or sluggish parts of the brain, train your subconscious or unconscious mind to support you, create new synapses to replace the ones that aren’t working for you, delete unhelpful programming and install new ones that have previously been unavailable.

We understand how the brain works and can discover the core programming that is ‘working against you’ and can bring your brain into alignment with the health and happiness you desire

Our years of study, training and experience have given us a wide range of knowledge and skills which we have integrated to create …


 TriUnity Can …


Reduce Inflammation and Reduce or Eliminate Painful Symptons


Rebuild Your Immune System and Provide a Foundation for Wellness


Break Through the Blocks that are Holding You Back


Support You to Make Healthier Choices for a Better Life


Improve Motivation and Mental Clarity


Help You Achieve an Ideal and Healthy Weigh


Build Confidence, Energy and Happiness


Connect You with Your Truest Self

TriUnity works because it offers a complete support system that ‘switches on’ your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

You can be well

You can be healthy

You can achieve your perfect size

And you can finally step beyond the life you’ve had, into the life you desire

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