You’re here because fear or anxiety has you in it’s grip. You’re not alone!


I know first hand what it feels like to be gripped by fear and anxiety. One minute everything is going along perfectly, and the next you’re struck by panic and overwhelm that stops you in your tracks. The things you want most in life seem to be forever just out of reach and you’re exhausted by the constant battle to appear okay when everything feels far from okay.

Sometimes it feels easier to give up than to keep pushing through but I know you’re tired of living a half-life. You want more than your current experiences. You’re tired of being controlled by anxiety and fear.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Fear or anxiety is very real. You don’t feel this way because you’re weak or unmotivated. You don’t feel this way by choice …

There are reasons you feel the way you do. Perhaps there are events in your past that have taught you that you’re not safe. Maybe someone else has shown fear that you’ve unconsciously taken on as your own.

And that’s the key to anxiety and fear. It’s unconscious and automatic. It’s been deeply laid down in the neuro pathways of your brain and is triggered by a thought or a situation. In most cases the severity of the fear or anxiety is out of proportion to the situation but your brain and body reacts as if you under immediate threat.

The four most common fear or anxiety responses are:

  • flight – the desire to run/escape
  • fight – the need to attack
  • freeze – the inability to take action
  • fawn – the desire to do whatever it takes to remove the threat

Which one feels most familiar to you? 

"Hi Claus. I wanted to share something amazing from your healing. I had a really tough day yesterday that ended in a traumatic experience with my dog at her doctor visit. She is fine, she just freaks out at the doctor. I stopped at the bakery and for the first time, I didn’t eat one of the sweets in the car or even open the box at home right away. I will eat the sweets over time but I don’t ‘need’ them. It feels like a miracle! My body is also reacting quickly to things it doesn’t like so I am learning what is good not to eat.
Thank you for your amazing work"


Hi, I’m Claus KreuzpointnerFor years I struggled with my own fear and anxiety. It was a constant battle to keep moving forward as I was terrified I would lose. I was terrified I would fail. Everything in me said I was making a mistake even when I knew the path I was taking was the right one.

Perhaps your anxiety is triggered by different things than mine. Whether you’re afraid to fly, afraid of death, afraid to lose or have a phobia of spiders or falling, fear and anxiety can become a thing of the past. It might feel impossible right now but it happened for me and I know it can happen for you too.


Overcoming my own fear and anxiety took me on a journey that led me to train as a fear coach. I studied the most successful techniques to eliminate fear and anxiety and combined them to form my own methods which I now use to help others.

And I’d like to help you too. 


How would it feel to banish fear and anxiety forever? 

I know you want a way out of your fear and anxiety or you wouldn’t be here.

But thinking about reaching out to someone for help, can trigger anxiety. That’s to be expected.

That’s why I’d like to take all the risk for you. You can book a free appointment and interview me to see if we’re a good fit. The appointment is completely free and there’s absolutely no obligation to commit to working with me.

All you need to do is click on the link below, select a day and time that suits you and I’ll confirm our appointment by email with details about how to connect.

That’s it. Simple and easy …

And possibly the most powerful thing you can do for yourself.

If you’re still not sure, take a moment to listen to my beautiful waterfall recording below. It will help you unblock the fears that are standing between you and what you truly want. It’s my gift to you …

I hope to speak with you soon 

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