Improve The Health Of Your Pet

Every pet parent wants only the best for their companion animal and I’m sure you’re no exception. But how do you know what the ‘best’ is? How do you sift through the latest fad or the latest ‘research’ to find what is exactly right for your furbaby? The answer is obvious to me. Ask them! But then, I’m the animal translator

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Empathy Is Not Just For Humans

This is a story about a wild cat and her kittens. Sadly, we have a lot of wild cats where we live and although I love all animals, these cats are a real nuisance. But one particular cat reminded me how important it is to have empathy for every living creature no matter how annoying they may appear.

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Are You Seeing The Truth?

What was your first thought when you saw the image at the top of this page? Kind looks like a very privileged dog eating in a throne like chair doesn’t it? But first impressions can be deceiving. In fact this image has to do with a rare and life threatening condition

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