When It's Just One Of Those Days

Do you give yourself a hard time when you have a day when you don’t feel okay? You know, those days when you feel sad, tired, uncreative or just plain exhausted? There’s nothing you can put your finger on … you’re just having one of those days. I have those days too and I don’t like them any more than you probably do. We’re so used to ‘doing’

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UK’s Sugar Tax: The Battle Against Obesity

Is a sugar tax the answer to the obesity epidemic? With the number of obesity related hospital admissions in UK having more than doubled over the past four years, the Sugar Tax which comes into force today, is the government’s weapon of choice in an anti-obesity drive. The sugar tax has been hotly debated over the past couple

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Are You Struggling With Your Size?

Does it feel like no matter what you do, you just can’t lose weight or if you do, it jumps right back on again the minute you stop the restrictive diet you’ve put yourself on? You are not alone. Many people are in despair, desperation or have simply given up on their dream of being their ideal size. But I want to let you into a secret.

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How Emotion Affects Your Body

Do you know that every organ and gland in your body is related to a particular emotion? It’s as if your body has is a relay system that lets you know what you’re feeling by demonstrating pain or illness in the related part of your body. It’s feeding back to you to let you know that what you’re feeling is harming you. Amazing huh?

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The Power Of Your Mind's Reality

Some people believe that the world just is the way it is, that bad things happen, that old age and illness always go together and that life is meant to be endured rather than enjoyed. And other people believe that the world is a beautiful place, that you can be healthy for your entire life and that life is a joyous journey to be savoured. Who is right?

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Why Do We Get Sick Sometimes?

Over time, as our bodies are introduced to many virus and bacteria, our brains do a wonderful job of keeping everything in alignment and working in the best way possible. It regulates our hormone levels, triggers the appropriate immune response to potential threats and lets our body move as we desire. Until, at some point, our brain becomes overwhelmed

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Healthy Blueberry Pancakes

If you’re anything like me, you probably love sweet things like pancakes. But of course you will also have heard that sugar is unhealthy, wheat is not good and that you should avoid cow’s milk. There goes all the yummy desserts, right? Actually, no! There are many ways you can satisfy your sweet tooth AND eat healthily. You can choose alternatives that are yummy

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An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight or get healthier by choosing a specific diet, you’ll know they all have one thing in common. They limit you to a very narrow range of foods. Many people follow the latest ‘hip’ or ‘trendy’ diet in an attempt to become slimmer or healthier but here’s the thing. Nobody talks about the energy behind the function of eating. 

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Your Mind Creates Your Life Results

Christine had been sick for over 30 years. She suffered from headaches, back pain, food intolerances, bladder issues which sometimes meant she needed the bathroom every 10 minutes, and fungus in her body and on her skin which caused her a lot of pain. She was also afraid of pretty much everything. I was excited to work with her as I saw lots of ways we could help her

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Your Magic 86,400 Bank Account

I was scrolling my newsfeed the other day when an interesting post caught my attention and I decided to share it with you. The author of this analogy is unknown but the power of it is undisputed. Imagine that you won the following prize in a contest: Each morning your bank would deposit $86,400 in your personal account for your exclusive use. What would you do?

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