Virus Energy Clearing

Strengthen Your Immune System

Your health and wellbeing is dependent on your immune system’s ability to protect you


Your body already knows how to keep you well, but stress and toxins can weaken your immune system and leave you vulnerable to viruses. It’s like having holes in your armor that allow arrows to get through.


Strengthening your immune system will:


  • Help your body defend against new viral threats
  • Empower your body to protect you from previous viruses
  • Support your body to support you to be healthy and well



I want to thank you so much for creating this fantastic mp3 to clear viruses in our system.
I love listening to it and I feel so much calmer during and after listening.
Your voice is so soothing and your energy work so potent!
Thank you!
Bye Bye viruses! Time to leave now!


Alexandra L , Lissabon

Set to beautiful calming music, my recording will help your body relax, restore and regenerate.


My Virus Clearing recording has been programmed to activate your immune system and cleanse and protect you and your family. The purpose is to lead your self-healing powers to clear out any existing viruses that are lurking behind a veneer of wellness and help protect you from being impacted by new viruses.


Listening to this recording every day (for 7 days) can change your internal environment and powerfully strengthen your immune system.

Scientific Sources:


Frequency Healing: Sound studies have monitored subconscious responses to sound by monitoring influences on heart rate and monitoring the emotion and mental state of participants prior to and after administering sound therapy. The results determined that music and sound is useful in enhancing therapies to transform the brain and relieve mental, emotional and physical suffering.

(Joseph, Sonya. (2019). Research topic: Sound Healing using Solfeggio Frequencies)


Mindfulness Meditation: Studies have shown benefits for a range of both physical and mental conditions. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) which not only takes pictures of the brain but also records brain activity, scientists have demonstrated that changes in brain activity during meditation hold steady even when they’re not meditating. The benefits of mindfulness are so widely accepted that it is being taught to children in various schools around the globe.

(Bhasin MK, Denninger JW, Huffman JC, et al. Specific Transcriptome Changes Associated with Blood Pressure Reduction in Hypertensive Patients After Relaxation Response Training. J Altern Complement Med. 2018;24(5):486‐504. doi:10.1089/acm.2017.0053)


Positive Mindset Programing: The brain has an amazing capacity to change and adapt. Extensive studies by neuroscientists confirm that our mental machinations do alter the physical structure of our brain matter.

(Dr Jeffrey M Achwartz research psychiatrist at the School of Medicine UCLA)

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