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Healing For Companion Animals

We’ve all heard of the benefit of healing for humans. It’s been around for centuries and has been used in numerous cultures all over the world. But did you know the same healing skills and practices that have been used to heal people can also be used to heal and communicate with animals?


Every living creature on this planet has a soul and is part of the energy that exists around and within us all. This energy is like a conduit that allows for a two way connection not only between humans but also between species. By being open to the flow of energy, I am able to listen to the messages your animal has for you, to tune into their physical body to discover where opportunities for healing exist and to help and support them in times of crisis.


Having Martina in your corner is knowing your pet is in the best hands possible. Her care, her compassion and her empathy for your furbaby, and you and your family is priceless. Our cat Mr Chill broke his leg after being sadly run over. Martina has made his recovering so much more peaceful for him. She has helped him to detox, to rest, and recover and most importantly, not to lose his spirit! Whilst he is still on the mend, without Martina’s support, I know he would only be a shell of the cat he is now. He is a fighter and Martina brought him back to himself through her care, her healing and her amazing suggestions – Carrie Eddins

Hi, I’m Martina Waidhas, a medical intuitive, communicator and healer who works with both humans and animals.

Animals want to communicate with us. They want to tell us when something is wrong and to let us know how best to help them. In fact they are always communicating with us even when we don’t understand what they want to say! 

My work as a translator allows me help your animal heal and to communicate the treatment plan that is right for them. Pain, illness or beahvioural changes can be caused by the food they are eating, the medicines they’ve been given or by stress in their environment which creates an imbalance in their system, and can often be cleared through a series of healing sessions.



Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem
― A.A. Milne

The greatest gift our animals give us is acceptance and love.

They teach us so much about what love is – never judging, forgiving easily, sitting beside us when we’re sad, laughing with us when we’re happy and letting us know how happy they are to see us.

And in return we shower them with as much love and appreciation as we can. We want them to be happy, healthy and to live long lives by our side. Sometimes though, our animals show us something is wrong. They become quiet, withdrawn or agressive. They go off their food or stop enjoying the things they once loved to do.

You can see in their eyes that they’re not happy but you don’t know how to help them feel better.

You just don’t know what’s wrong. 


I’m so happy to let you know that the tumor in our dog Nino has completely gone! It had been the size of an egg and we could feel it under his ribcage.

Now after your treatment, your work, it’s gone!!! 

He is doing great and feeling well again. My family and I are so happy. If at any time in the future, one of our animals gets sick, we will certainly reach out to you again.
Lots of love to you – Manuela

P.S. thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Your animal is completely tuned into their body and can give you the answers to:

  • The best type of food to nourish them with. There is a lot of debate about the correct food but a simple question to your animal will ensure you are giving them everything they need

  • The medication that will be beneficial in their healing. Animals are routinely prescribed antibiotics but in many cases there are natural alternatives that will support your animal’s immune system to heal itself

  • Whether a surgery that is deemed the correct treatment is what your animal wants for themselves. 

  • The part of their body that may be out of balance and needs some gentle healing to come back to proper functioning

  • Whether a virus is the cause of pain or illness and can be cleared in a few healing sessions

Remote Healing For Animals

How would it feel to know you are doing your absolute best for your animal by allowing them to communicate what they need?

I’d like to offer you the chance to hear what your animal has to say, through the power of translation, by purchasing a Healing For Animals session.


In the same way that humans need to be careful of combining certain medications with certain foods, it’s just as important for your animal. If you’ve been to the vet and have blood work results, x-rays or a diagnosis, then please pass them along to me as they can be very useful in guiding my suggestions after connecting with your animal.


However, they are not essential as I can I simply ask your animal how things are for them and pass the results along to you. If you’ve never experienced healing like this before it might sound very strange but sometimes it’s the things we don’t understand that have the biggest impact. This was certainly true for Mrs B.


To start with the most important, Emma is like a brand new dog! 

We have been watching her over the last few weeks getting more and more healthy and happy again.  She is even wanting us to play with her….which hasn’t happened in such a long time. She’s starting to love our walks and is happy and interested in everything again. We haven’t experienced that for months. 

We are so happy we took the chance to work with you and we are totally convinced now that whatever you did through distant healing is working. Sometimes you have to try new ways even if you don’t understand – we now know it’s not necessary to understand.

Thank you so much – Mrs B

All I need is a few answers to some questions which will be sent by email after your purchase. The questions are simple and include things such as name, gender, age and any symptoms they are showing up in your animal. Your answers will allow me to connect with your animal to discover what is going on for them and determine the support or healing they may need. I can then share my findings with you in a quick results session and give you suggestions to improve their wellbeing immediately.


Let me translate your animal’s desires for you.

*please seek help from your vet if your animal is showing signs of being very unwell


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