Miracles are wonderful – let yours happen!

 ‘Here’s the problem,’ she complains desperately. But when the young lady rolls up the sleeve of her blouse, she sees nothing (any more), apart from her arm, which has always been there and is in its rightful place. The neuro-dermatitis is suddenly gone. ‘Er, where?’ asks Martina, relaxed. And she’s right. Things like that often happen with Martina and Claus. Someone has a physical or mental issue, and then it’s no longer there. There’s really no doubt that they are heroes. At least not in my mind.

On the one hand, there is conventional medicine, well-established teaching about how our body works, all the processes and so on. Doctors study for many years because it’s so complicated. And on the other hand, there are holistic processes, which, unfortunately, have no place in the conventional teaching plan. It’s a bit like a car without wheels. Something crucial is missing for the thing to be able to drive. That’s why there are holistic helpers and healers alongside conventional medical professionals. They know about various holistic topics, but only about one or the other, rarely about everything. And there’s not much chance of coming across sound scientific knowledge, which is where the problems start. Where are ill people supposed to go? To one camp rather than the other? It doesn’t matter because neither tells the whole story. That’s why getting healthy only either happens slowly or not at all.

Martina and Claus themselves were faced with this exact problem. If anyone knows what helplessness and illness feel like, then definitely those two do. They are doers; half measures are not their thing at all. And so the plan came into being: ‘We’ll create a system that brings both together, with no compromises!’ Many years of training and experience followed – in both areas and at great depth. They tried different paths, combined them, analysed the results. They had to handle failures, but they never saw them as such. Quite the opposite: failures brought them closer to their goal.

And that’s where they are today. To put it simply: they help people. Click your fingers and the problem’s solved. Okay, it’s not quite as easy as that. It takes some patience, motivation and time on the part of the person concerned, but then miracles  happen. I admit that the word ‘miracle’ is a bit of a cliché. It’s used so often – mostly incorrectly. That’s why I only use it for things that – seen realistically – really are miracles. When you look more closely at Martina and Claus’s daily activities, you notice one thing: Wow! They’re always there. For you and for me. Because we all know that situation: everything is  okay, then suddenly all hell breaks loose. Usually at the weekend. Or when no one’s got time. Dammit, where can I get quick SOS help right now? With Martina and Claus, you can be certain: SOS help comes whenever you need it, as sure as can be. Raise the alarm by text message, and you’re no longer alone. No matter what day and what time. I myself had to send a distress message like that to two of them more than once. Help came swiftly. A real blessing. Think of the long waiting times for an appointment with specialist doctors or psychologists. But I’m ill now! An appointment in the next century is no good, but unfortunately I won’t get one before then, and if I do, they will only scratch the surface. If I’m lucky, my problem calms down for a little while. Then it all starts up again.

How, exactly, do Martina and Claus work? How should I explain the miracle? First you get a kind of physical basic care: the foundation of the house that you call health, getting everything into the right place from a physical and nutritional point of view. Then it continues with the rest of the house, from bottom to top, sometimes with several ‘tradesmen’ working at the same time. So there’s an awful lot going on, in and around you. Now it’s your soul’s turn. And it’s not that easy. You see, the soul is the greatest gift you’ve ever been given, but for most of us, at some point, the soul’s satnav becomes programmed with completely the wrong address. The soul itself has no idea, it just keeps heading stubbornly in that direction. It really wants to do the right thing, but it can’t help it if the programming is wrong. Since your subconscious and your body are very closely connected,  at some point it becomes too much. They are speaking totally different languages.

Your body likes to speak up in more drastic terms, quickly sending you a few symptoms. It seems to think that this pushiness will get someone to realise what needs to be done. After it’s done its job, it sits back and waits to see what happens. And waits and waits. It’s just a shame that no one really wants to listen to it. ‘No problem,’ it thinks, and turns up the pressure. No one is as good as the body at pushing things to the limit. At some point there’s nothing left for you to do but stop and look for solutions. Okay, message understood. And now? Now it’s Martina and Claus’s turn. They’re perfectly fluent in all the languages of the body and soul and can act as  interpreter for you. They recognise exactly what’s been programmed wrongly in the soul’s satnav, and why. Phew, sometimes it’s something you’d never even think of, something completely banal but that has a huge effect. The incorrect programs get deleted, or, rather, the satnav gets reprogrammed. The body is also in agreement with this goal.

Martina and Claus’s second unification step is very individual. And it’s no wonder; after all, you’re unique. No one on earth will ever have precisely the situation that you have. And so, together with you, Martina and Claus play the balls back and forth, each of you ready to throw at the right time. Once you’ve understood the principle and have experienced the first game live, it even starts to be fun. I’ve never known another course of treatment that does that.

I do admit that in spite of all the fun, and even with Martina and Claus’s help, it’s not easy. At times you’ll feel like you’re climbing Mount Everest and coming back down again. You might feel out of breath once or twice. But it’s okay, because you’ve got the pair of them at your side. Anytime, always! At the end, if you actively undertake the journey fearlessly and trustingly, you’ll feel better than ever before. Not just for one day. But for always! If that’s not a miracle, I don’t know what is. Especially because you’ll find yourself making friends with Claus and Martina, receiving a full portion of warmth, humanity and togetherness. That in itself is the most beneficial thing that someone in the process of healing and changing can imagine.

As if that wasn’t enough wonderful news, I’ll add the cherry on the cake. Do you love sun, the beach and the sea? What a question! Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Then quickly pack your bags and  go and spend a holiday with Martina and Claus in Croatia. In their home, which also houses their institute. For people like you, who want to combine a holiday feeling with working on their inner processes. It’s hard to get more intensive (or better) than that.

Until recently, Martina and Claus didn’t even know that they were heroes. I wanted to change that fast. So I wrote this story in secret. There’s no better way for a storyteller to express her gratitude for the fact that, after many decades of bad experiences with other healers and helpers, an apparently hopeless case like myself could receive new hope. With their boundless patience and warmth, they have never let me down, even in those moments when, due to my own lack of patience, I was a bit pig-headed. And so we are at the end of my story, but nowhere near the end of our journey together.

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