Why Do We Get Sick From Time To Time?


When we’re born, our bodies are introduced to thousands of things. Sights, smells and experiences but also viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. To begin with, we can be sick quite often or develop a fever as our immune system learns to understand the new world we find ourselves in.

Some of the things we’re exposed to are more harmful than others and sometimes we’re infected with something that doesn’t show any symptoms at all. These are called ‘unapparent infections’.

Over time, as our bodies are introduced to many virus and bacteria, our brains do a wonderful job of keeping everything in alignment and working in the best way possible. It regulates our hormone levels, triggers the appropriate immune response to potential threats and lets our body move as we desire.

Until, at some point, our brain becomes overwhelmed with the impact of our thoughts and emotions. Each thought and each emotion causes your brain to release chemicals that immediately flood your cells. Each type of cell in your body has its own chemical signature and will therefore react to the influx of new chemicals in a specific way.

For example, if the emotion you’re feeling is fear, your stomach may show symptoms of pain or heartburn. Your thyroid will react to situations that make you uncomfortable and your liver will react to thoughts and emotions of anger and frustration.

Your brain will do everything it can to keep regulating your system until it is unable to keep things in balance any longer. As a result of overwhelm, your brain is unable to provide the normal strong defences its put in place.

So what happens when you’re exposed to a virus your body doesn’t recognise? You will get sick. Your brain simply doesn’t have the capacity to control this virus as it is working incredibly hard to keep your organs functioning as efficiently as possible. In some cases, your body will not even be able to deal with a virus its already experienced. It’s simply too much and in fact becomes the ‘straw that breaks the camel’s back’.

At other times, illness is a message from your soul. You may feel exhausted and know you need to rest, but you don’t. Perhaps your mind suggests you should just lie down on the sofa and rest for a bit. But you push these thoughts and feelings aside and continue to push on with your daily life with no regard for what your soul is saying to you.

The problem is, that if you don’t listen voluntarily, your soul will decide for you. You may develop the flu or perhaps fall down the stairs and break your leg. 

You can’t go to work, you may need to cancel appointments and shift things around but do you know what? Everything continues on without you. The world doesn’t fall apart just because you’re not able to be a part of it in a healthy way. You can no longer go on as before and may actually discover that there is another way to live.

Your body is a mirror for everything that's going on in your life.

Whatever you put in to it, will show up in your body including the food you eat, the toxins you’re exposed to, your habits, thoughts and emotions. Everything is interconnected and just because you can’t see an immediate connection between what you put in and how your body responds, doesn’t mean that it isn’t being affected. Over time, as the build-up becomes too great, your body will show outward signs of overwhelm.

But the great thing is, that you only have to ask your body what the symptoms mean and you will be given the answers. With some changes you can restore your mind and body to health and heal.

It’s a simple as that.


Martina Waidhas is an alternative health practitioner, medical intuitive, healer and communicator who works with both humans and animals to facilitate healing in body, mind and soul. She has studied a wide range of healing practices including epigenetics, quantum healing, energy psychology, spinal column and joint therapy and has achieved a master level in both Reiki and the NIS (neurological integration system) therapy. As a former chef, Martina is passionate about the link between food and illness and brings a holistic approach to her work that is second to none. Her unique combination of skills gives her an insight and range of healing practices that allow her to tailor her treatments to suit each individual client.


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