A couple of weeks ago I started working with a new client who wanted to lose weight and gain more energy. We had several calls to discuss her particular situation. I suggested foods to help her detox, worked on her physical body and through energy psychology we explored her fundamental beliefs.

At each step of the way, I asked her how she was feeling and progressing. She assured me things were going well.

But just the other day I received a long message telling me she is confused. She provided new details that would have guided my work and ensured more powerful results if she had shared them with me in the beginning. And she informed me that a process we did together did not work for her and that her answers were based on what she thought I wanted to hear.

I was so grateful for her honesty as it gave us the chance to work through her confusion. The new information she provided allowed me to adjust my approach to better suit her, she is much more engaged in her own healing and is now getting faster results.

And that’s the key point.

As a healer, I am reliant on the information you provide to guide my work. I need to know what you know, and if something is confusing, I want the opportunity to clarify it or to offer an alternate suggestion that feels better for you.

I understand it’s not easy to be completely open and vulnerable with someone. Perhaps there’s things you struggle to accept about yourself or that you’ve been judged for in the past. Some information feels impossible to share but I will never judge or blame you. Anything you tell me is completely confidential and will only be used to help discover the root cause of your particular problem so we can heal it together.

No matter what has happened in your life or where you find yourself right now, healing is possible.  There is a way to relieve the mental, emotional and physical pain you’re experiencing. You are not alone as I am here to guide and support you every step of the way.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to healing. It’s an individual journey and it’s all about you. The more you share, the more I’m able to share back to you to help you understand the links between your past experiences and your current situation. The more you open up with me, the more I’m able to make connections that guide my work to better and faster results.

Healing is not a passive process but an active one

To see results you must participate

Your willingness to engage and share determines the results

Without you, there can be no healing

It’s you that makes the difference

Feeling uncertain or unsure is normal

Your subconscious mind is letting you know that you’re doing something new

It can feel scary to open up

But unless you do something differently, you will continue to experience exactly what you have now.

Why stay in pain when you can be free?

You’ve reached out for a reason.

You want to be healthy and happy.


I want that for you too.


Martina Waidhas is an alternative health practitioner, medical intuitive, healer and communicator who works with both humans and animals to facilitate healing in body, mind and soul. She has studied a wide range of healing practices including epigenetics, quantum healing, energy psychology, spinal column and joint therapy and has achieved a master level in both Reiki and the NIS (neurological integration system) therapy. As a former chef, Martina is passionate about the link between food and illness and brings a holistic approach to her work that is second to none. Her unique combination of skills gives her an insight and range of healing practices that allow her to tailor her treatments to suit each individual client.


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