Finally, Discover The Long-Lasting Way To Release Toxins & Restore Your Positivity & Wellness For Good

If you are feeling ANXIOUS, DISCONNECTED, EXHAUSTED, STRUGGLING, OVERWEIGHT, constantly in pain, and overwhelmed then you are in the right place. My ULTIMATE SYSTEM TO HEAL YOU FROM THE INSIDE OUT will instantly shift you into feeling harmonious, healthy and happy


The Shortcut To Health & Happiness

I love Martina’s soothing voice!  I instantly felt supported and could feel her healing power as I relaxed and allowed her words to flow through me.  I truly believe that this recording is the short cut to new possibilities of health and happiness


You dream of waking up each morning ready to start the day, positive and pain-free but your brain and body are struggling to support you to live your best life (stopping to from stepping into your strongest self and living out those big goals


You feel exhausted most of the time.

You often feel anxious or off balance during the day.

You struggle to get to sleep and stay asleep.

You can’t even remember the last time you woke up excited to be vertical let alone ‘seize the day’.

Maybe you’re in chronic pain…

Or struggling with your weight no matter what you do or how hard you try…

Perhaps you can’t focus or frequently forget things…

You can’t figure out why your motivation has vanished…

Or maybe you just feel disconnected from yourself, others and your life…

Do any of the statements above resonate with you?

Believe me, I can totally relate if they do.

See, when I was about 14 years-old I came down with a health condition that changed my life forever.

The health condition was a viral infection called shingles.

Shingles is a reinfection of the Chickenpox virus that causes nerve pain and blisters. In my case, I experienced extreme nerve pain around my torso from breast bone to spine. The virus weakened my system which allowed a secondary infection to cause blisters in my mouth.

It was a difficult time for a 14-year old girl with a virus and painful blisters in her mouth

Here’s some of the symptoms I experienced during that period of my life:

I couldn’t eat and could barely drink anything for 3 weeks

I was in constant pain

I didn’t wake up excited for the day ahead

I struggled to focus

My motivation to complete tasks was gone

Difficult, right?!

I know all too well what it’s like to feel unwell and maybe you do too. Not being able to eat forced me to fast for 3 weeks and during that time I underwent an amazing process.

I began to see and feel things differently.

It was as if I could see into my own brain and body. I began to feel highly connected and became One with my soul.

Not only that, it enabled my soul to connect to the core and to connect to others souls to help them evolve too.

That’s when my gifts started to open up.

That’s when I realized I was now connected to a higher state of consciousness and energy.

I was able to heal my own body and developed a burning desire to help heal others.

 I went on to become a registered alternative medical practitioner and dedicated my life to studying Epigenetics, Quantum Healing, and Energy Psychology.  I also achieved a master level in both Reiki and the NIS (neurological integration system) therapy.

So…what does all of this mean for you?

Experiencing Your Complete Mind, Body & Spirit Transformation has never seemed more possible than right now! I can scan your brain and body and can connect with your soul to find out what is required to heal your life… even when it feels like mainstream medicine has given up on you. Accessing soul wisdom, I interpret the secrets of your body. I de-code what the symptoms you’re feeling are trying to tell you, where your body is stressed, what’s not working correctly and how to bring balance, harmony and health back to your life.

I am deeply connected to my own energy and the energy of everything around me.

It’s my natural state and it’s why I’m able to connect so deeply with the energy of those who come to me for help. I can instantly see where your energy is blocked, or your body and brain is overwhelmed with toxins, fungus or harmful bacteria.

As a Registered Alternative Medical Practitioner, I use my knowledge of the brain and body,  and connect with universal energy to guide you to relief and healing. My clients say working with me is like having an angel by their side. Some people call it magic, but I know I am simply a conduit and guide for Source energy to flow through to you.

There’s Something Magical About Martina

Martina is absolutely fantastic! Her approach is very mindful, wise and intelligent and she has helped me with mental, emotional and physical challenges. Her smile and care – there is something magical with the grace that she has. She really loves what she does and I love what she offers.

Robert Alexander

Imagine how would your life would change if you could:

Reduce or eliminate your physical pain

Free yourself from the chains of anxiety

Finally get a good night of uninterrupted sleep

Improve your focus and memory

Feel lighter and bring your body back into balance

Connect with your intuition and your higher self

Introducing … Healing From The Inside Out

The Ultimate System to detox your body, mind and soul from toxins and harmful frequencies, and bring you back to health, vitality and happiness.

I’ve created this powerful set of 9 core audio digital recordings to help you clear out old energy that is keeping you from experiencing everything you truly desire. Energy that’s keeping you sick and tired.

Martina Tuned Into My Energetic Field And Reset My Vibration

Martina is a gifted and compassionate energetic healer. Her ability to tune in to your energetic field and access any disharmony in your vibration and imbalances in your physical body is unprecedented

Millen Livis, M.S., M.B.A

My Healing From The Inside Program Includes …

TAKE A DEEP BREATH – Bring Your Cells Back To Full Functioning


  • Eliminate Brain Fog And Maximise Your Brain Power
  • Connect To Your Creativity
  • Reduce Stress And Feel Yourself Slow Down
  • Balance Your Metabolism For Optimal Health
  • Reduce Pain And Increase Vitality

DIGESTIVE DETOX – Clear Stubborn Weight And Toxins, And Rediscover Your Beauty And Vitality


  • Restore Yourself To Your Perfect Size
  • Banish Bloating, Constipation and Diarrhoea
  • Absorb Maximum Nutrition Including Vitamins & Minerals From Your Food
  • Increase Energy As Your Bodies Natural Elimination Cycle Improves
  • Feel Lighter And Happier Almost Instantly

PINEAL GLAND DETOX – Connect To Source And Stand In Your Own Divinity


  • Step Into Your Most Authentic Self
  • Increase Your Intuition And Trust It
  • Raise Your Confidence In Yourself
  • Banish Insomnia And Sleep Like A Baby
  • Release Your Inner Healer

HEAVY METAL DETOX – Cleanse Your Brain And Protect Against Alzheimers,  Dementia & Other Brain Related Illnesses


  • Headaches And Migraines Begone!
  • Reduce Abdominal Pain
  • Support Your Brain For Long Term Cognition

REDUCE INFLAMMATION – Protect Against Heart Disease, Stoke, Diabetes & Cancer


  • Reduce Symptoms Of Auto-Immune Disorders and Arthritis
  • Balance Blood Pressure For A Healthy Heart
  • Lower Your Risk Of Serious Illness Or Disease
  • Renew Your Cells To Slow The Ageing Process

RADIATION & FREQUENCY DETOX – Keep Your Energy Signal Clear And Build Resilience To Harmful Frequencies


  • Block The Negative Effects of Radiation
  • Enjoy The Benefits of 5G Frequency Without Worry
  • Neutralise Harmful Frequency And Maintain Your Energy

VITAMINS & MINERALS – An Energetic Infusion Of Everything You Need For Maximum Health & Wellbeing

  • Give Your Body Everything It Needs To Support You
  • Vitamins, Minerals And Trace Elements Will Be Delivered Energetically

(NOTE: Please check with your doctor before stopping your current supplements. Also continue taking physical supplements if you doubt that they can be delivered energetically)

RETURN TO SOUL WISDOM – Reconnect With The Wisdom Of The Universe. Access Your Core And Teach Your Soul (2 x Audio Package)


  • Reconnect To Your Intuition And Let It Guide You
  • Connect With Other Souls Who Have Come Before Or Are Yet To Come
  • The Key To Ascension And Enlightenment

PLUS: Soul Wisdom Attunement

  • Activate And Grow Your Soul Wisdom Amplify Your Soul Connection To Expand Your Consciousness And Access Universal Knowledge

Instant Access To My Entire Healing From The Inside Out Program is yours
for just $197 USD

Healing From The Inside Out is a powerful system to heal you Body, Mind and Soul.

But I want to give you more …

When you purchase Healing From The Inside Out, you will also receive my Inherited Toxins audio recording which will clear out toxins that have been passed down to you through the generations before you.

How would it feel to leave behind repeated family health issues and limited belief systems?

FREE BONUS – Inherited Toxins Detox


  • Release toxins that have been passed down from previous generations
  • Step into your truest self 
  • Become the individual you were born to be

My Intense Back Pain Virtually Disappeared Overnight

Martina has helped me in so many ways! Her natural ability to connect at a deep level and to bring exactly what I need in any situation is truly remarkable. Her healing has provided relief from intense physical pain and I just love her recordings. It’s amazing to have access to her powerful healing on the go. I just push play and immediately feel relaxed and confident in the knowledge my body is receiving everything it needs to be well.



Purchase my Healing From The Inside Out Program and if you’re not completely satisfied you can email me within 7 days of purchase for a ‘no questions asked’ refund

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